Dona Baronesa – Sustainable Visual ID

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  • Dona Baronesa – Sustainable Visual ID
  • For the opening of Dona Baronesa new studio, the visual identity was designed to be sustainable, by using custom made stamps so that scrap paper and old paper displays that we already had could re-used. The use of stamps can also allow the use of less aggressive ink, like water based inks in the process, wich is great for the environment! The idea of using stamps to craft the stationery were also great because it was a wonderful way to illustrate the studio’s concept where every material is “designed and tailored to the clients taste”.
    The studio’s stationery was completely hand crafted, and no new paper stock, print and harmful varnishes were used in the process.

    The die-cut for the envelope, media package, and bookmarks was custom designed for the project.
    The use of stamps for crafting the stationery is also great because it doesn’t limit the type of material that can be created and designed. Other creative pieces, rather than the traditional letterheads and envelopes, can be designed like posters, bookmarks, postcards, stickers, and just about anything one can imagine!

    Re-used paper stock listing:
    Confetti – newsand vellum 118g/m2
    Confetti – red vellum 118g/m2
    Confetti – rusty vellum 118g/m2
    Confetti – silver vellum 118 g/m2
    Confetti – yellow vellum 216 g/m2
    Ever Green – white vellum 216 g/m2
    Gainsborough – charcoal felt 216 g/m2
    Quest – blue vellum 216 g/m2
    Quest – tan vellum 118 334 g/m2
    Quest – white vellum 216 334 g/m2
    Starwhite – tiara hi-tech 216 g/m2
    Sundance Esse – bright vellum 216 g/m2
    Sundance – purple texture 216 g/m2
    Sundance Starwhite – natural whitefelt 104 g/m2
    Sundance Starwhite – tiara hi-tech 238 g/m2
  • Custom made stamps: (used for crafting our stationery)
  • Dona Baronesa business cards: (every card is unique, no two alike)
  • Dona Baronesa stationery: (letterhead and envelope)
  • Dona Baronesa stationery: (media package)
  • Dona Baronesa stationery: (craft paper for packing and storing materials)
  • Dona Baronesa stationery: (bookmarks)
  • Dona Baronesa stationery: (postcards and tag)
  • Dona Baronesa stationery:
  • The process: designing and crafting Dona Baronesa’s visual ID and staionery.
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