Dolce Gusto - Coffee? Anytime.

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  • The brief was to create a new approach to present NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto’s coffee machine range to young homemakers aged 22-30. 

    Younger people, who have grown up with this coffee shop culture have a different view of the drink to people who have grown up with instant coffee. This younger group are happy, busy, ambitious and confident in many areas of their lives. They’re getting their first jobs and starting to make their way into the world of work. They’re moving into their first homes, either with friends, partners or on their own — a really exciting adventure.

    NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto (NDG) is a coffee machine system that allows you to create seriously good coffee from stylish, fun machines. The system is really simple to use — all you need is an NDG machine and NDG pods

    My concept is based on the many different flavours of Dolce Gusto coffee. On researching the target audience I discovered that their lives are really busy with work and socialising. My concept shows how Dolce Gusto coffee can complement any activity and time of the day. I used the product colours to help make a connection with different activities/ times of the day and a different flavour of coffee. I wanted to show the diversity of the product and how there is a Dolce Gusto coffee for each time of the day without the need to go to a coffee shop. 
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