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Another little illustration for a little on going project.
In this scene of the adventures of Froggle, Doggle and Poggle, Poggle awake from a rather bothersome dream and is reassured by Doggle and Froggle that it was, indeed, only a dream and therefore nothing to worry about.
Again I used my good old rotring pens 0.5, 0.3 and 0.1 for this. Most of the photos were taken curteousy of my camera phone, and whilst it manages a fair job, it's encouraging me to invest in an A3 flatbed scanner more and more.
In the final image, I had to align various scans of the double spread to get a complete picture. I then spent a few hours erasing the shadows of the crease in the book that had been scanned in as well so as to make the picture look complete.