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The long-standing Leeds institution Oporto wanted to provide a food offering to it’s band of loyal merry-makers, and The Dogging Club was born!
The Dogging Club
Brand Identity 
Leeds institution, Oporto, felt its band of loyal merry-makers deserved their own special menu. As everyone loved hotdogs, The Dogging Club was born. We knew the identity would ultimately be used as a neon sign, so we had this in mind when developing the branding.
Fun food, fast
The Dogging Club launched with a hotdog eating contest and Sausagefest, a mock-festival of live music featuring the best sausage-based acts from around the globe. Those privileged enough to become club members were awarded an exclusive keyring, granting the holder unlimited free hotdogs.
A bite out to remember
After the sign was lovingly crafted by the Neon Workshop, we applied the mark across totes, tees and other collateral. The tongue-in-cheek identity really catches attention from the street, and the initiative has boosted trade, revenue and got tongues wagging on social media channels.