Documentation System

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  • Classroom Project Documentation

    A formal system designed to document classroom projects done at college so as to provide quick and easy reference for the students and the faculty. The end solution provides a neutral yet an attractive template which the students will be using to display their projects. These templates, printed, then will be filed in folders and put in library. Here is a sample case study for a graphic design student,

  • This is the cover/separator for any discipline/branch may it be Graphic Design, Product Design or Film. Each branch has a dual color coding system. There are four colors, one for each Visual Communication, Industrial Design, New Media Design, Textile Design. And then there are colors under them for various specializations like Graphic Design or Film or Product and so on.

  • The way the names of individual students will be there on the student separator.

  • This is how the student separators will protrude outside the stack, so that they are easily accessible while navigating by name.

  • Next students will be easily visible when you flip one over.

  • The student separator, focuses on details such as name and year of joining or whether he/she is a PG or UG. It also contains a small keynote on what the student thinks about the discipline, his/her personal view.

  • Space could also be utilized for display of the projects what the student has undergone.

  • This is the fold in template that will be provided to the student once the guide/mentor approves the project to be complete. The outer flap will have space for almost a 1000 word summary, which will be process oriented.

  • The details on the flap such as genre of the project, duration, year and the guide/mentor.

  • The flap opens up to provide a whole lot of a white space which now student use to his/her own discretion to display the project. (this project is of a senior, who allowed me to use his project as a case study)

  • Another project from the Film and Video Design (this project is of a junior, who allowed me to use his project as a case study).

  • The project fold-ins also protrude outside which contain the genre of the the project and the year. So thus they can be navigated like that.