Various Projects 2010-2012

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  • Various Projects 2010-2012
  • Various freelance and self-initiated projects from my 2 years studying Graphic Design and Interactive Media BTEC course at Burton and South Derbyshire College.
    Hokie Joint
    Rebranded a blues rock band from Colchester UK. I tried to represent the beautiful yet grungy sound of blues rock band Hokie Joint. Check them out here there great.
    A midlands based airline with a passion for high quality flying at budget airline prices. I created a simple M A monogram logo and applied the brand to all items from stationary to airplane.
    Do What You Love, Love What You Do.
    Typography poster inspired by one of my favorite graphic designers, Andre Beato.
    Computer Doctor
    Logo and business card for a computer repair specialist, hence the cross made from circuit boards.
    Ashby's Big Weekend
    I was employed by Ashby de la Zouch's Town Council to create a poster to promote all the events going on around the weekend of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
    Minimalist Horror Book Series
    I chose a simple outline of a man to base each novel around, adapting him for each cover. The first cover for The Invisible Man is a literal dipiction of a scene from the book where the invisible man can only be seen when he sheds blood through injury. The second cover for Frakenstien I edited the outline of the man to be stiched together just like Frankenstien himself. Finally the third cover represents the split personality of Dr. Jekyll by splitting the outline of the man in half.
    Obama Make It Happen T-shirt
    The idea is that anyone could be president you just have to make it happen.
    An airline that travels to the north pole. Airplane icons repeated in circle to create a snowflake logo.
    Exhibition 2011 - Burton and South Derbyshire College Student Exhibition
    I was employed by the college to create a logo and poster for the Creative Studies Student Exhibition 2011. I was given complete freedom on the design. As part of the brief I had to somehow include each subject area, and of course the necessary information of time, date and place.
    Lung Cancer Survival Guide
    An infographic leaflet to inform you of the facts about lung cancer.
    TV is for Television
    A fictitious TV logo ident animation inspired by channel 4.