Do More Than Just Shop - Black Friday Campaign

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  • Ember Arts approached us with a special campaign idea for Black Friday “Do More Than Just Shop”. We are very keen on their point of view on this frenzy of an American tradition. Here’s an excerpt written by James Pearson, the founder:

    “Getting gifts is good. Giving is better. But best of all is investing in the people you care about.

    Today, Black Friday, is a blemish on America. After a day of family and gratefulness we trample each other in pursuit of stuff we don’t need.

    We do need gifts from each other. And buying something thoughtful for another person can be a wonderful gesture of relationship. But the gifts we really need can’t be bought.

    We need each other’s presence. We need encouraging words and warm hugs. We need forgiveness and generosity and understanding and the assurance that, no matter what, I’ll be there for you”… read the full article HERE

    In addition to their thought provoking point-of-view, they are doing a “Do More Than Just Shop Giveaway
    See the full collection below: