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Web video of Nic von Rupp's last minute trip to Ireland in mid winter.
Last minute change of plans made Nic Von Rupp postpone his Hawaiian trip and chase this swell all the way to Ireland. The swell window was small, it was 0ºC degrees, the ski was covered in ice, but the one day session made the trip worth it.
Waking up for Mullaghmore
Boys getting ready for business
Nic just before heading to Mullaghamore.
At Mullaghmore
Nic Von Rupp and Alain Riou
Snow, Nic and Barry Morttershead
Testing his new Nike boots
Secret Spot breaking outter reef
Secret Spot
Crowd at Pampa
Eric Rebiere bottom turning into Pampa
The crew!
Me, Barry Morttershead, Allan Mulrooney and Nic Von Rupp.
Amazing days around Ireland!