Diva meets Broadway

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  • DivameetsBroadway
  • Diva is born from the need to complement the personal space of Antarte female target. A dynamic, sophisticated woman, active and selective, seeking her shrine, themoment when she meets with herself and with her secrets.
    This design aim for the female public identified as a glamorous being, the woman who cares about her image and how it can affect their relationship with the society.
    The typology of this concept, being the combination of a high mobile anda mirror standing, fits the frenetic everyday life of a modern woman. 
    Adjusted to current everyday life of women and to the immediacy with which the day begins, the presented project is an extension of their attitude. The moment the woman does her makeup is honored by Diva who faces the day with avisceral and glamorous attitude.
  • Diva meets Broadway | prototype produced by Antarte
    “Antarte furniture projects: office&home”Antarte for "Lisboa Design Show´11".  This project has been selected as a winner project, thus a prototype was made by Antarte and presented at "Lisboa Design Show´11" in FIL | Lisbon | Portugal.
  • Diva prototype
    Images of the prototype execution by Antarte.