Disney Shopping Concept Site 2008

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  • Disney Shopping Concept Site 2008
    Design comps & Video Animatics
  • In 2008  while working at Sapient as an Art Director  I conceptualized, designed and animated a conceptual site for the Disney Shopping group. The project was to create a vision that was 5 years out for what DisneyShopping.com could be like. 

    Other key objective:
    The challenge was how could users to interact with the website  in the same manner they interacted with physical product in the brick and mortar stores. Hence, in the demo we disclosed content in organized virtual walls. Users could add to car, save to wish list, or  see more detail right clicking at anytime. Right clicking would disclose these options.  Navigation was streamlined to allow for users to easily manage and understand the interface while keeping the focus on the content at all times. 

    Overall was one of the best experience in my career and had a great time creating it. Left a peace of my soul in the design.  
  • Animatic Video - Part 1
  • Animatic Video - Part 2
  • Animatic Video - Part 3
  • Introduction Screen
  • Homepage Screen
  • Profile Entry Screen
  • Gift Finder Screen
  • Product Detail Page
  • Shopping Cart Modal Window Screen

  • Complementary iphone App for Concept