• We enjoy our last work days of the year building this Set x 3 Id's for Disney XMAS. The campaign was created and adapted for multilanguage plataforms for Latin America (Argentina, Mexico, Brazil). The main idea was to travel inside a Disney Snowglob were all kind of glitter, magic, notes and sparks happends discovering the music, friendship and familly phrases. This project had the nice challenge of mixing hi-end graphics and 3d dinamycs with a particular disney graphic style.
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    Produced for Disney Channel Latam. / Client: Disney Channel Latam.
    Idea & Concept: Disney Channel Latam.
    Art & Motion direction: Ignacio Sandoval
    3d artists (modeling, cameras, rendering, animation): Ignacio Sandoval, Martiniano Garcia Cornejo
    3d dynamics and physics: Martiniano Garcia Cornejo
    Type Design, Animation & Effects: Lubi Gabrys
    Compositors: Ignacio Sandoval, Martiniano Garcia Cornejo
    Post & Effects: Ignacio Sandoval
    At Disney Latam.
    Art Direction & Producer: Poli Alonso
    Footage Edited and Sound Design provided by Disney Channel Latam.
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