Discover the mania in RO+MANIA

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    Discover the mania in RO+MANIA,
    2013, Personal Project
    Discover the mania in RO+MANIA is a campaign that promotes Romania, the first project of this kind undertaken by a single person and not an advertising agency. It aims to rebrand Romania and talk about aspects that have never been exploited in any previous campaign. It is the first campaign that promotes Romania to young foreigners who are looking for a hip destination, who are looking for something different.
    The project was exhibited at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris (26.06.2013-15.07.2013) and opened with a conference around the theme of rebranding Romania where the guest speakers were Nick Baum (VP Europe, TBWA Worldwide), Mihai Gongu (Creative Director, GMP Advertising, Romania), Yvette Larsson (The Bucharest Lounge blog, Sweden), Ioana Mihai (IQads, Romania) and myself.