Dirty Armada

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  • Dirty Armada
  • Dirty Armada is a book about a lifelong passion. It's my collection of italian metal bands logos, a gathering started when I was 12 years old and that it's not yet over. It's a book full of pure beauty and metal thrill, a visual study of decades of true underground. Thanks to the essays by Marcello Crescenzi and Ezio Sabbotigh we are going to take a further ride into our memories or maybe we'll give a name to the people that helped creating a whole imaginery.

    Edited by Claudio Rocchetti

    Design: Victor Giaier
    Essays: Marcello Crescenzi and Ezio Sabottigh
    Translations: Caterina Magro

    This book counts 256 pages (14cm x 19cm x 2cm) with more than 1500 bands!
    Printed by Press-Press with a Risograph GR 3750 and bound by Grafiche Leone.

    First Edition September 2011