Diners magazine: 50th anniversary edition

  • 1943
  • 289
  • 23
  • Volver al futuro. / Back to the future.
  • El futuro es de quienes creen en él. / The future belongs to those who believe in it.
  • El futuro de la música ya está acá. / The future of music is already here.
  • Arte hecho en Colombia, un boom que seguirá creciendo. / Art made in Colombia, a boom that will continue to rise.
  • Los protagonistas del futuro interestelar. / The key players of interstellar future.
  • Nuestros miedos más profundos. / Our deepest fears.
    Diners magazine: 50th anniversary edition (2013)
    Series of illustrations for the 50th anniversary edition of Diners magazine (Colombia). In this issue, a look into the future, exploring the forthcoming developments in science, technology, politics, communications, and other areas that will shape the world over the next few years.