• Digital Wallet  Personal transactions are about to change

    Digital money is taking over and soon the plastic card will be replaced by applications in our mobile phones. This will surely change our behavior and the relations to personal economy.
    Cash is also on its way out due to security reason. Current digital money only exists in external bank accounts. We can only reach them thru a connection with the plastic card as identification, it doesn't contain money itself. This creates a problem when connections are bad or non-existent. The only way to exclude cash is to provide a device that itself holds money. Cash is currently the only alternative for quick transactions on the street. That's why I created a device with focus on the fast and small transactions.

    Money out but also money in.
  • This project was based on research of personal finance. I worked with user studies to experience the psychological relations between users personal finance and budget. The interaction between users in a shared payment situation such as splitting a bill became the basis for the final result.
  • Transfer scenario

    1                                                2                                               3

  • This scenario is to visualize how the wallet works.
    Two friends are waiting for the bus and the one above has to get on it.

  • Thanks to Mickey Grunström for rendering help