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  • MoPowered branding
  • Following a successful relationship with digital pioneers MoBank, their sister-brand MoPowered approached us to design a comprehensive house style and retail website for their online launch.
    Our brief was to create an identity which sat clearly within MoBank's territory but which also had 
    it's own personality positioning the brand boldly within the Mobile-optimised marketplace.
    MoBank's core colours of black and pink were inverted to create a lively, punchy new product with a neutral grey introduced to calm the palette and contrast with the pink. Much of MoPowered's online presence relates to apps and mobile devices so the design of the interface panels and iconography reflected this aesthetic.
  • MoPowered logo.
  • Homepage.
  • Bespoke MoPowered icon set.
  • Fact-find page determining a customer's design preferences for their mobile site.
    Several questions are gated allowing drop-down text fields (highlighted).
  • Client gallery.
  • Client gallery pop-up illustrating the advantages of a mobile optimised site.
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