Digital Spaces: Window View

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  • Window View: Final Output
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  • WIndow View is number 3 in the project Digital Spaces. 
    The concept was to create the illusion of there being a window this small intimate space.
    (The wall, light, frame and window pane are all create in an animation software. The video aspect is merely the footage behind the window pane).

    Although it appears to work well, I discovered the photographs of the results were more effective than the live view. This is due to the noticeable brightness of the projectors display within the space. When a wider shot is taken you can see where the display ends and reality begins.

    Another point to make is that the projectors output causes a lossy result. I am beginning to notice that with each step in the process I increasingly lose image quality. This unfortunately is the nature of digital and the equipment I have available.
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