Digital Spaces: Vortex Wall

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  • Vortex Wall: Final Outcome
  • Vortex Wall: Animation
  • Vortex Wall is a follow on experiment from Wall Fall in the project Digital Spaces.
    Unfortunately this test wasn't as successful. The space which I chose is too light, resulting in a poor contrast image. The space is also too small for the piece, the video is 4x zoomed in order to achieve the correct brick size, causing the vortex to take the entire wall which was not the original intention.
    Furthermore the projector light is a prominent green on the floors reflective surface. 

    Currently I create the animations/movies first and find the 'ideal' space after. This has its pros and cons and in this case it hasn't been the best success.
    Another point worth making is the distortion lines between video recorder and projector.

    This particular piece has no doubt been a great learning curve.
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