Digital En Plein Air
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Images created on a computer from direct observation.
Brooklyn, July 3rd, 1016 Photoshop,Cintiq Companion
from Benesse House, Naoshima, Japan, April 2015, Cintiq Companion 
Kyoto, Japan 11/20/13 ArtSet Pro with Ipad Mini
The view from Mt. Misen. Miyajima, Japan 11/27/13  Art Set Pro with Ipad Mini
Fall, Brooklyn, 11/10/13  ArtRage, MacbookPro
the corner 10/24/13  Photoshop, MacbookPro
Grey Dog, 10/18/13  Photoshop, Macbookpro
Cafetal Social Club 9/5/13  Photoshop, MacbookPro
Prince and Cupcake, 8/29/13  Photoshop, MacbookPro
Osaka, 2011  Photoshop, Macbook
Osaka, 2010  Photoshop, Macbook
Kyoto, 2011  Photoshop, Macbook
Kyoto, Heian Jingu Torii, 1/6/11  Photoshop, Macbook
Hudson from the Battery, 2007  Photoshop, Macbook
Marc Ribot concert, 7/17/2007  Photoshop, Macbook
Studio shelf, 2008  Photoshop, Macbook
Spring Street, 7/16/2007  Photoshop, Macbook
Taxi, 2010  Photoshop, Macbook
Fruit Bowl, Osaka, 2011  Photoshop, Macbook
JFK, 2010
Self portrait, 2001  Photoshop, Mac G3
Portrait, Brother, 2010  Photoshop, Macbook
Old World, April, 2010  Photoshop, Macbook