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    Design Of Office Building Complex - Masters Thesis
  • Subject of this thesis is research for complex solution of “leftover space” created by multi level
    crossroad of Panonska and Einsteinova street in Bratislava which form a barrier for pedestrians
    and create unpleasant and undeveloped part near the city centre. Project was preceeded
    by urban study done by the author of this thesis, which proposed solution for the whole northern
    part of Pertžalka. This particular work proposes to place a office complex in the leftover
    areas of the crossroad together with small retail pavillions. Both would be raised to the upper
    level of the crossroad and create square like space which would allow for better use of the
    whole area. Conceptual design is done for one office building and it’s basement, while urban
    design is proposed for the whole complex.