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digital imagery created from photographic shoots of the flora and fawna found in nature
"Sunset During Tropical Storm, Faye_Holmes Beach, Florida"
"Alcovy Glenn, Gwinnett County, Georgia"
"American Anole"       
"American Bittern"
  "And He Saw That It Was Good"
"Autumn Comes to the Alcovy"
 "Beluga Whale" 
"Black Rat Snake" 
 "The Okefenokee During Halloween" 
"Cactus Flower" 
"Canadian Geese" 
"The Coming Storm"
"Sunrise in the Swamp"
"Heron in the Okefenokee at Sunrise"
"Morning Glories" 
"Sunrise in the Okefenokee" 
"Deck Flowers"
"Creatures of the Night"