Digital Debauchery With Anthony Bourdain

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  • Digital Debauchery With Anthony Bourdain
    Presenters: Anthony Bourdain, Talent/Author, Zero Point Zero Production Inc; Anthony De Rosa, Social Media Editor, Reuters; Helen Cho, Social Media Mgr, Zero Point Zero Production Inc; Tom Vitale, Dir/Producer, Zero Point Zero Production Inc; Zach Zamboni, Dir of Photography, Zero Point Zero Production Inc
    Artist: Nora Herting, Heather Willems
  • Meet chef, author & television personality Anthony Bourdain and the crew behind the award-winning series Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, who help Tony oversee the show’s social media presence.
    Tony and his trusted sidekicks will discuss how he utilizes social media —Twitter, Facebook, blogs, et al. — to directly communicate his unique and unfiltered P.O.V. to fans of the show, and to the world at large.

    We’ll also look at how social media and the digital audience is changing the overall game for TV, and how it directly impacts both the show and how Tony converses with his audience.

    From ‘LiveTwatting’ wrap parties on the road (read: shots of toilets abroad) to propagating food porn online to live-streaming a pub crawl — all is fair game as we present an unprecedented & uncensored behind-the-scenes access to No Reservations.

    This panel also includes a Q&A with Tony and crew -- and as always with Tony, nothing is off-limits.