• BioMorphic is a digital media-based series composed of 5 projects, each using a different digital medium as a vehicle to explore and invert conceptions of the relationship between technology and nature with the human as an intermediary.

    The works were created over the course of two and a half months as part of a class taught by Gail Wight at Stanford University. The first project uses the scanner as a non-traditional interface. The second utilises image manipulation through Photoshop. The third was constructed using digital prints. The fourth relied on 3-D printing to manufacture an object that was then modified and contextualised. The final project, an interactive work, was created using Processing and video.
  • Project 1 - Scanner Art
  • Project 2 - Grassy Knoll
  • Project 3 - Meet Forrest
  • ¬†¬†Project 4 - 3D-Printing
  • Project 5 - Processing (The Waves)