Dièse - short film

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  • Dièse is a short film from a short story written by Isaac Asimov called True love.
    It is a school project. We had to make a short film from the writing of the scenario to the editing of the video, in two weeks time. It was a great experience, full of creativity and intensity. I had a wonderful time working on that project.

    It was only possible thanks to the teamwork of ten people, giving the best of themselves. I was in charge of the scriptwriting and the editing among other things. We all had to execute multiple tasks in order to make this possible.
    We based our short film on the short-story True Love by Isaac Asimov. A greatly talented programmer looks for love using algorithms of an omniscient computer. But the computer progressively acquires a sort of human consciousness.

    We decided to add the chess game to the story, physically as well as conceptually leading the action of both characters.