Die Ongelooflike Avonture van Hanna Hoekom

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  • Die Ongelooflike Avonture van Hanna Hoekom
    The Incredible Adventures of Hanna Why
  • movie poster design
  • This is a poster design that was created for the release of the low-budget South African afrikaans family drama feature: 
     (The Incredible Adventures of Hanna Why).
    A welcomed, albeit momentary, return to print, the poster design was later translated to a reprint of the novel, CD cover artwork for the soundtrack as well as cover artwork for the DVD release.
    Myself & Matthew Stephen were also acting VFX supervisors on the production of the film.
    The time-span of the effects shots on the entire project was 2 months of work. 
  • The title sequence took it's cue from the idea that the main character writes these 'flights of fancy' tales throughout the story , initially describing her peculiar family that culminated into her 'family tree'.
  • VFX shots
  • A handful of screenshots of the many vfx sequences throughout the movie.
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