Dictionary of Received Ideas

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  • Dictionary of Received Ideas

    Gustave Flaubert
  • Portrait of an XVIII century society, “.The Dictionary of Received Ideas” from Gustave Faubert is stil, nowadays, a gathering of satirical thoughts still magnificently up-to-date. In the sense that we don’t free ourselves of certain concepts and prior conjectures that shape the occidental societies, the expression  "RIDENDO CASTIGAT MORES" is outstanding as an explanation of the oeuvre. That being said, and since that what we do not want here is an accurate and serious interpretation, we intend to establish free associations and parities that transform the interpretation into something further more than a purposeful research.

    Althoughit has been developed very slowly, I was very amused by thisconception because I approached  it as an opportunity to explore theillustration variety, which I really like to do.
    I used materials such as ink, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, color pencils, and Ecoline.