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Work developed for Diário de Notícias ( QI Cultural Supplement) - Nationwide Portuguese Newspaper
Work Developed for Diário de Notícias Cultural Supplement (QI).
Hirokazu Koreeda (Portrait. Published on 17.11.12)
Biographies (To Illustrate an article published on 05.01.2013)
Mystery Novels (To Illustrate an article published on 19.01.2013)
The Signal and the Noise (to illustarte article published on 23.02.13)
To illustrate an article on the book "A Cimeira das Lajes - Portugal e a Guerra do Iraque".  Published on QI 09.03.13
To Illustrate an Article on Pornography. Published on Diário de Notícias (QI Cultural Supplement) 15.06.2013