Diapositive Manufacturer Identity

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  • Diafilmgyártó Kft. – Diapositive Manufacturer Ltd.
    BA graphic design thesis: logo and packaging design.
    Other half of my thesis: The Puffball – 35mm fairy tale filmstrip
    The Diafilmgyártó Kft. has been producing children's tale diapositive film strips more than 50 years ago. This kind of storytelling is very uniqe. The room must be darkened and the old projector's smell covers the room. The projection needs parental help beacuse the projectors are not the safest machines, they can be very hot  (mostly the old ones, because the modern projectors are more reliable). This seriousness and the phased type of the 35mm film shows the logo in a figurative sense. On the other hand, storytelling is a little holiday every time for a child, so I made a cheerful pattern from characters of children's tales. This pattern appears on every surface and compensates the seriousness of the logo with its happy figures and colours.

  • Logo and scissors
  • The logo shows the phased type of the 35mm film. From the fi ligature I took out the f's crossbar because it was more complicated with it. And also Sherlock Holmes says, “Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth”.
  • The second most important symbols for a film strip are the scissors. They appear on every film strip because the film is cut next to these scissors. The scissors made from similar line weights and proportion as the logo.
  • The packaging
  • There is a general box for every filmstrip and the closing vignette contains all information about the tale.
  • The pattern
  • The characters have lot of variations, there are 50 figures with 150 colour versions.
  • The final pattern.

  • Tube in the box.
  • In each box there is a paper tube that contains the film strip. Tubes can be made from different colours.
  • Business card, letterhead and envelope
  • The pattern, the logo and the scissors are the permanent parts of the identity and they appear on everything. There is a dark brown coloured background version from the pattern. It is the same as the light version just with some colour modification.
    The envelope is sealed with a simple sticker from the pattern.
  • Essay and blog (hungarian) about the work process: www.gilicze35.tumblr.com