Diamonds of Paradise - Women in the Making

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  • Transgender individuals take pride in being unique. They identify with having more grace than natural women; think they're better dressed than the same women and often have the same crises' as they do when approaching simple tasks such as getting dressed.

    The Diamonds of Paradise are no different - identifying themselves as ladies, rather than "trannies", the Diamonds of Paradise have all adopted a feminine standard of living. Each of them have experienced their own discoveries, and most of them have shared their discoveries with each other, and with love and support from their families.

    This project was designed to explore the various personas of each individual. As performers, they strive to outshine each other - each one moulding their style into everything they do.

    Here is a small collection of un-touched (except for colour adjustments) images.
  • Always trying to outshine each other, but they make great subjects for photography!
  •  Presenting the Diamonds of Paradise