Diamond In The Rough

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  • diamond papercraft by www.minieco.co.uk
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  • My plan was to get the attention of future employers by showcasing my skills both on and off the web.
    I began with a concept: a diamond in the rough.
    Then i cam up with an idea to get peoples attantion; I would do chalk drawing directing people to my website and accompany the drawing with icubes in the shape of diamonds.
    With this idea in mind, I decided to design my visual identy.
    I had set up a photoshoot with a friend to get some updated photos.
    Then I  gathered information about the people whos attention i wanted - the ad agencys of Toronto.
    I mapped out the agencys and organized contact information on a list.
  • *photography by Philip Wiseman  pzwiseman@gmail.com  - link here.