• Called Dia (the Portuguese word for day) referring to it's one-piece-a-day system that allows you to complete the puzzle as the year goes by.

    This concept allows you to see the year pass more naturally letting you interpret the time that passes in a more intuitive and direct way, giving you a notion of how much time has passed and how much time you have left in the month or year.

    Because this system is based on modified puzzle pieces, that link to any neighboring piece, it allows an easy colour based organization, that turns this time keeping object into a game of drawing as if each piece was a pixel. This allows an expression of how you see the year, how you personally relate to it, or wish it will be.

    Each one of the 366 (366 because of leap years) is marked with the day and month that it represents, and because of this free way of organising the calendar becomes perpetual, being adaptable to any year.