Desserts By Diana

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  • A local in-home bakery run by a working mother with five children doing what she can to pay the bills.

    My first, last, and only job so far (gimme a break, I'm 16!), Desserts by Diana was a very good opportunity for me to finally put what I'd learned to use. The website features dynamically populated feedback on the home page using PHP & MySQL,
  • Home Page
  • a jQuery-powered lightbox plugin-enhanced photo gallery¬†
  • Lightbox Plugin for Photo Gallery
  • with pictures dynamically populated using PHP,
  • Photo Gallery
  • and two simple PHP contact forms for ordering¬†
  • and feedback.
  • I experimented a lot with the header of the page,¬†
  • and with a few of the other style elements.

    All-in-all, it was a lot of fun.