Desktopography 2012

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  • Desktopography 2012
    The set of two images with a nature theme behind them produced for Pete Harrison. 
  • The Trespasser
    First of two images primarily done as exploration of man vs nature, with a strong emphasis on nature fighting back. A mix of 3D, photography and digital painting. Most of the nature-like elements were made in Cinema4D, so as was the gun parts. Everything then was given a strong overpaint before going to postproduction.
  • Poster
  • Zooms
  • Production
  • Timelapse
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Gun Parts
  • The Morning Star
    The story behind this one is actually pretty funny - the design started as my tattoo idea that i was thinking to produce for myself for a long time. Once i started working on it and the design was done in black n'white i've decided to make a colour version. This somehow came out in a chat with Pete and after that become a poster/wallpaper design.

    The initial idea was that image of proud native american, fighting for a lost cause. One thing i was trying to avoid was to paint the character as a guy with a plume. This how the idea of proud, broken spirit lion came to be - a warrior.
  • Poster
  • Zooms
  • Production
    Fun fact: the image was painted as black and white for the tattoo design - and it was actually used like this on my own arm! The colour and other elements came after.
  • Hope you guys enjoyed this and make sure to check out all the new wallpapers at the Desktopography this year, and now… appreciate pls! ;) thanks :)
  • ps.make sure to follow my twitter as The Morning Star will soon be published as a print + a tee design (DBH, maybe?) :)