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Proposed design for lottery bill design competition "Lotaria à Portuguesa"
Ícones de Calçada (sidewalk Icons)
Proposed design for lottery bill
Design competition "Lotaria à Portuguesa"
There's a competition going on for the design of a lottery bill, under the theme of "Portugality" (What makes Portugal, Portugal, let's say).

"Ícones de Calçada" (or translated, Sidewalk Icons) is an inverted stencil of silhouettes of Portugueses Icons on our so typical and characteristic Portuguese Sidewalk.

Portugality is so rich that it's hard and almost unfair to have to choose just a few of them to represent us.
I chose some of my favourites and those that I never forget to mention when I "play" the Portuguese Embassor, anywhere in the world.
The icons are:
- the sardines - the most eaten food during the Popular Saints festivities)
- the "Caravela" (Portuguese caravel)
- the "Cruz de Cristo" (Crist's cross)
- the tram (electric car)
- the "Bacalhau" - Portuguese form of Codfish (salted and sundried)
- the Galo de Barcelos (the cock of Barcelos, the tale)
- the Coração de Viana (jewelry)
 on a context of the Calçada Portuguesa (Portuguese Sidewalk)