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    Educational games sold all around the world
  • I started with Franklin Learning Systems back in 2003 as a part time job office job with some design aspects. Since then I have taken on the bulk of the design and even concept and game play aspects of the games produced. As there is a great deal of psyscological R&D involved in the creation the average game from Franklin learning costs about $40. As such we strive to insure that the customer gets the best quality in both the content and game play layout, oh and also that they have fun.
  • A Franklin Learning Systems game for all ages.For all of these games I also create a unique title/logos.This game was based in thought on a M.C Escher drawing.¬† Coming up with a playable game board based on that idea was quite the challenge¬†
  • A Franklin Learning game for younger kids. This games was a success in how we could cut production costs but also innovate the games
  • Card and puzzle game from Franklin Learning. Game play based on distraction and interaction. Franklin Learning System Games are also available on Toys-R-Us .com
  • One of over 40 educational games designed for Franklin Learning Systems.These educational games are for a wide range of ages and are sold both nationally and
  • A game for High School to Adult ages for Franklin Learning Systems.Franklin Learning System Games are also available on Toys-R-Us