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An illustrated logo for Dippers Ice Cream
Illustrated logo for Dippers Ice Cream
Design & Art Direction: GreenJeans Creative / Anne Grinney-Colomban
Anne contacted me about co-creating a logo for one of their clients... here's the process!
There were a lot of ideas flying around at first... but the client knew they wanted a bear, some stars (in a dipper formation), and some ice cream. So I drew them all up quickly, as it's hard to know how an idea will look before it's on paper. They liked #8.
In preparation for sketching, I made a few collages of bears I saw on the internet, sitting in ice cream tubs. Believe me, with all my financial illustrations, I've drawn a few bears over the years. Nevertheless, it always helps to dig up photo ref, rather than drawing from memory.
Here are the above bears, with ice cream scoops. These went to the client via the art director... she probably trimmed them down a bit!
They liked bear #2... now, the question was, how big is the bear in relation to the tub of ice cream he's sitting in? The only way to know is to draw it up, and resubmit. I'd rather get things worked out in the drawing stage, rather than trying to resize a completed work...
They liked a big bear... good! This was the final sketch before I went to finish, so they could get an idea of how the shadows would be...
And here's the finished bear and ice cream tub. Anne was in charge of adding type to the tub of ice cream.
The clients liked the bear, and decided they wanted a background, so it could be made into a piece of art for inside the shop. Of course this would cost a bit more, but they were willing to spring for it. I sent some options... they wanted stars and mountains, and a field of flowers.
I went ahead with this one, as per instructions. But when they saw the finish, they thought it was a bit too much landscape in relation to the bear...
I offered to trim it down, like thus, for nothing. But, they wanted a much simpler image...
So, as per instructions, I redid the mountains, and trimmed the grass... this is what they wanted, though they didn't know 'til they saw it. That's the way it is sometimes! I prefer the initial background, but the client is paying for a certain thing they have in mind, so I'm happy to work toward it.
And here's the art, in place.
They used the logo on employee tee shirts...
On the sign...
And finally, on coupons and ads. Nice!