Design Space via Film

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    REALISED IN: 2011
    TOOLS: Canon 550D + Adobe After Effects + Adobe Premiere + Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator + AutoCad.
    Design Space via Film is a research project exploring the possibilities of  Film as a medium to analyse space but also to (re)design it. It is set in Royal Festival Hall, London.
    The film decomposes the space into 90 re-assembled picture frames, unveiling an overview of the area to study. Using a set of calculation rules, the scale of each frame evolves according to the amount of human activity occurring inside the space it covers. The film results in a dismantling of the Royal Festival Hall symmetrical structure, where overused areas expand and underused ones compress. 
    Design Space via Film communicates an analyses of the activity of a space, and simultaneously designs a critical spatial response.
    ( Nevertheless, the film has its limits, as each frame displays a different surface area. Therefor the mapping doesn’t only show the activity of the space, but also corrects the weaknesses of the film due to perspective. )
    Part 01 / DESIGN SPACE via FILM / FILM.