Design Collective DOZEN poster project

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  • Design Collective Dozen exhibit in cafe Hijgend Hert.
    A project by DOZEN
  • Project 12 - 12 designers - 12 posters -12 layers
    The Breda based design collective ‘Dozen’ were triggered by the GDFB2012 theme ‘Greed is out, empathy is in’. In twelve weeks twelve designers started out with a standard poster which they each embellished with their own designs and then passed on to the next designer in line who continued the embellishments. The method of ‘design and pass a long’ resulted in twelve posters that represent the visual reactionary process of design.

    ‘Project 12’ by design collective Dozen is on exhibit from Wednesday 19 t / m Sunday, September 23 in café Hijgend Hert in Breda, Pasbaan 7, opposite Museum of The Image (MOTI).

    * Ad van Halteren, Babs Baay, Debbie van Berkel, Cees Mensen, Koos Siep, Lea Sormani, Linda van Zijp, Jasper Roeken, Niek Jan Tops, René de Jong, Rob de Bree, Ward Monné