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    Some old selected works from 08/10.
  • I decided to post a bunch of my old comps online, most of these were pitches and comps for projects done within the period of 2008-2010. I'm not doing much interactive design anymore, this is a great little spot to remember some of the hundreds projects I've done over the past 7 years. Along with whats already featured on my Behance profile.

    B R A N D S  &  A G E N C I E S

    Warner Bros
    Fox Searchlight
    Good Morning
    Tine Litago
    Los & Co
    Summit Entertainment
    Watson Design Group
    Jean Paul
    Ford Motors
    Paramount Vantage
    Paramount Pictures
    Dream Works
    Firstborn Interactive
    Universal Pictures
    Paul McCartney/Capitol

    And more...

    J. E D G A R  F E A T U R E

  •  L I T A G O  S K I  C H A M P I O N S H I P

  • S O N Y  C E S  E V E N T  ( S O N Y  G L O B A L)
    F O X S E A R C H L I G H T
  • ——  2 0 0 8 & O L D E R  ——
    T H A N K  Y'ALL
    ——  4watchin'  ——