Design & 3D Modeling «Casus Belli» MMORPG

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  • Casus Belli
    Design, modeling, website and interface design for space strategy MMORPG
  • We could say a lot of words of how accurately was balanced the design to highlight the unique features of the game. To make the players trip to open space exciting and battles – live and furious. 
    But we’ll just give a chance to the client express it saying short but definite: 

    " You guys are really cool! ”
    Max Lutsik, 
    CEO, Infinitios 
  • We run through a long way of bionic and genetic science experiments, learning from nature how to create the aliens fleet )

  • As the game take into account lots of scienceand technical characteristics, designing we had to deal with a huge volume ofinfo that had to be shown and indicated in interface :
  • And that’s how the space ships and stations looklike on pilot’s tactical screens.
  • The ships for different game races :
  • Icons, icons, icons .. hundreds of them
  • But even such a huge project finishes at some point.Starting the new ones .. )