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  • In Radford, Nottingham there is numerous amounts of derelict sites which are slowly being regenerated by the council. These sites do not help Nottingham’s false image and reputation of being a rough bad area. The project was to design a building that will inhabit one of the sites and gives back to the public as well as having a specific function.
    The proposing scheme is a car recycling factory where the public can bring their old vehicles to be recycled and then employ those recycled parts in a workshop where they can construct furnishings for their home that breaks away from the conventional form and materials of typical furnishing. The building occupies the North-eastern corner of Forest Mills overlooking a main road, Alfreton Road. The progression of the car turning into useful materials is shown in my plan and was also a starting point in developing this scheme. There is a gallery where the finished products can be publicized and that space opens up to the road involving the public. The wire mesh cladding on the wall facing Alfreton Road gives a view to the inside of the dismantling area showing the buildings inner workings.