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Department of Graphic Design (Branding)
Department of Graphic Design
Department of Graphic Design was founded in 2000, but its foundation was laid in 1963, when the Kyiv Art-Industrial College began training designers. This is the staff and the Educational Department has allowed the continuity of the first years of existence to become one of the leading institute. 

Тhe department taught such subjects as "Basics of composition", "Knowledge of color", "Plastic design tools," "Design", "Font", "Modelling and Simulation", "Graphic Technology", "Printing and typography." 
For the past three years taught discipline "Calligraphy".

Content and creative training highly skilled professionals of graphic design are promoted by the Department staff developed training programs in the disciplines "Design", "Graphic Technology", "Font". Faculty publish manuals and guidelines, seeking to save the methodological foundation students performed interesting work, attach the latter to self-creation. It is this atmosphere activates the potential of teachers and students, as evidenced by the list of exhibitions and competitions in which they participated, and the amount received for their diplomas.

Department of Graphic Design is known for all educational design institutions in Ukraine, it maintains relationships with colleagues of other universities, exchange of experience and conduct of their common shares in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.