• An exhibit of my favourite work living together, created up until 2013.

    Audio: Noisia – Whiskers (Original Mix)
    Additional Sound Design: Cassini Sound London
    Please follow link for HD on my Vimeo Page: Demo Reel 2013
    Please view shot/credit list at the bottom of the page.
  • * All animation / compositing / motion graphics work was created by me, either from supplied artwork & footage, or by me designing the artwork and filming the footage!
    Shot 01_ Personal Ident - "Exhibition"
    Shot 02_ Uber Cool Events - "Logo Teaser"
    Shot 03_ JERKfilms GmbH George Moringer - "SWINE Title Design"
    Shot 04_ Wonderbra SA - "New Model Search"
    Shot 05_ Interbet - "Laptop Breakdown"
    Shot 06_ Public Address Advertising - "Show Reel Idents"
    Shot 07_ BeEPIC - "Courage Party Trailer"
    Shot 08_ TRAKTOR Werbeagentur GmbH - "Red Bull Mobile, World of Red Bull"
    Shot 09_ Personal Ident - "Exhibition Walk Through"
    Thanks for having a look.
  • For more work please visit my website.
  • Special thanks to Cassini Sound for the lovely work on the sound design.