Dekoh Books

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  • Dekoh Books
    Cataloging and Showcasing Application for book readers
  • Role
    Information Architect & User Interface Designer


    Understanding business & user requirements, conducting user research,
    defining & creating personas, conceptualization, developing information architecture, creating low fidelity & high fidelity prototypes, user testing Alpha Version & designing user interface for the Beta Version

    Tools used

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

  • Development of the Alpha Version
  • Understanding the User
  • Development of the Beta Version
  • Final Screens of the Beta Version
  • To build the catalog
  • Building catalog in a snap as it is powered by
  • Catalog viewing options to suit the taste of readers
  • To update book details
  • Recommend books from your catalog to your friends
  • Wishlist section showing updates for the user
  • Lent section to keep track of lent books and to set reminders to get them back