Dejeuner du matin

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  • packaging design: Breakfast kit
  • concept, design and production by Sybil Layous – 2010

    Déjeuner Du Matin is a French breakfast kit inspired by the love poem of French poet and writer Jacques Prevert,  known for his sensibility and free-flowing romanticism regarding youthful love. It tells the story of a woman who gets her heart broken over breakfast. Dejeuner Du Matin is designed with a sweet, charming and romantic French style using the poet’s own illustrations and collages. The breakfast kit is an affordable fast and ready to go meal for one person, easily transported and consumed. Following are the original die cuts, designs, sketches and prototypes.

    une histoire d’amour
    un p'tit dej.

    “Dejeuner du matin” by Jacques Prévert and images from collages by Jacques Prévert taken from his work Fatras © Fatras / Succession Jacques Prévert
    "Corrigan de Dentelle" by Andre Villiers et Pablo Picasso / Succession Pablo Picasso.
  • jam box: boite a confiture
  • labels for each jam flavor + jam tray
  • boite a pain carre: toast box
  • bag of viennoiseries
  • label for milk bottle
  • hang on labels for bottle of milk
  • original sketches
  • design prototype