Decorations for "Baggage" exibition

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  • "A lady sent in the van
    A bag, a box, a divan,
    A hamper, a sampler, some books
    And a wee little doggy named Snooks.."

    Game cardboard scenery for exhibition, which presents the characters of the poem SY Marshak "Baggage" in illustrations of young professional artists in Moscow. Exhibition is held at the State Literary Museum in Moscow from 20th of November to 30th of December.

    During the competition everyone could undergo our free practical course of projecourse of corrugated cardboard design "Complete Cardboard". After completing the course, participants will present their projects to the competition: art objects made ​​of paper and cardboard. The best works took part in exibition.

    Curator: Timothy Moskovkin

    Objects were made ​​by interns and designers of Made in Cardboardia:
    Anna Materikin
    Anastasia Lipatov
    Leah Bitsyutko
    Alina Ruban
    Karina Prudnikova
    Elena Krentsel
    Elnara Rasulova
    Alain Shapovalov
    Catherine Baratynskii
    Timothy Moskovkin