Decaying Stair Dragon

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  • Decaying Stair Dragon
    deviantART Stock Challenge
  • The stock image of the stairs, to me, had the appearance of a dragon head so I made some additions to help bring the dragon to the surface - while remaining a staircase.

    Reference used was stock from *mirengraphics called Stone Stairs.

    Original artwork is on Canson Bristol and 8.25" x 10.75" in size. I used Paper Mate InkJoy colored ballpoint pens in the stippling/pointillism style to form the artwork and colored it using Prismacolor & Crayola SuperTip markers with Prismacolor colored pencils for touch-ups.

    I have to say ballpoint pens were never meant to be used in the stippling/pointillism style. As the ball in the pen must move to leave ink so I had to make tiny lines, to reproduce points. In the end it wasn't worth the time and effort, and pain after making all those points, to repeat the style again with ballpoint pens.