Death Side Series : Darth Vader & Shadow Stormtrooper

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    Hello There!!!..
    Finally !!.After a long time i'm working on this project since the "Skull Trooper" illustration i've done, this second or third project Done.. As you can see bellow on the Skulltrooper illustration i did back then, i wrote " Vader, You're next !". Some guys comented on this illustration and they guess what was the words means. They said that i gave a clue about what illustration i'll do next. and they are RIGHT. That's exactly the meaning of the Words, not just some messages to scared the Darth Vader. Hahaha.
    This is a fan-made artworks based on Star Wars Movies by George Lucas. I didnt have the copyright of the characters, i only created this as a fan-made artworks because i really love these Character So much...Expecially the Stormtrooper. :) 
    So, here we go..
    Hope you enjoy it guys !...and may the FORCE be with you !!
    Here is the illustration of the Stormtrooper i did back then.
  • Here is the initial sketch for the Darth vader Helmet but in a skull-version.
  • And here start the line works
  • The background Design
  • After all finished i decided to add the name of the character because i fell like something missing. :D
  • And here is the final result.
  • i created other characters based on the "Darth Vader" artwork.
  • Thanks for watching guys !!..and join us to the death side of the force.
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