Dear Society,

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  • Dear Society,

  • Dear Society,
    The idea ofbeing defined by others rather than one self seems to permeate our culture.Parents have desires for who we should become, friends have preferences for howwe should act, and society as a whole determines if our way of life isacceptable or not. This could include anything from occupations and life longdreams to small habits and personal quirks. But there is also an alternativethat exists within the true self.
    In this photographic series, I aimto collaborate with my subjects and encourage them to react to this contrast byplacing their opinions directly onto the negatives of themselves. Additionally,I am creating diptychs to reinforce this dichotomy between the imagined selfand the true self, and provide a visual representation for the conflict itself.My hope is to invite the viewer to become more comfortable with the conflictwithin them, and more accepting of the person they dream to be.

    Emily Detrick
  • Nate as a Christian, Nate as Himself
  • Phinou as a Nice Girl, Phinou as Herself
  • Jayson as a Business Man, Jayson as Himself
  • Casey as a College Student, Casey as Herself
  • Stephen as a Straight Man, Stephen as HImself