• Deadcats: Alive / £120.00
    DeadCats: Live cat 
  • Deadcats - Dead / £120.00
    Deadcats: Deadcat
  • Somewhere i've found you / £75.00
    Somewhere I've Found you.
  • Wave of probability / £150.00
    Wave Of Probibility 
  • The girl who didn't exist / £150.00
    The girl who didn't exisit.
  • Superposition of states / £150.00
    Superposition of States
  • Follow your branch / £150.00
    Follow your branch
  • Parallel Lives / £120.00
    Parallel Lives 
  • 'Have you ever thought about an important someone in your life and traced back the steps that lead you to meet them? The series of consequences that lead you to be exactly there at exactly that time? Have you ever wondered ‘what if’? What if I hadn’t gone to that coffee shop on that day? It’s more than that, though. It’s more than being at the right place at the right time. It’s not just every step that leads to where you are but also every step that leads to who you are and if every step leads to who you are then perhaps with every step you could be someone completely different. 
    Parallel universes have long been a staple of the science fiction and comic book
    universes but the real science of it is every bit of as exciting. ‘For instance , it says that an entity such as an electron does not exist as a tiny hard particle but as a “wave of probability” spread out across space. Quantum theory also says that once two “particles” have interacted with one another, they are forever connected by what Albert Einstein called a spooky action at a distance, so that no matter how far apart they are if you poke one of them in a certain way the other one will jump, instantly.’* Cool right?
    Like Schrödinger’s cat whose steps led it to a quantum state of being two things at once this exhibition is both about celebrating the release and the themes of The Infinite Vacation  (the Image comics series i did with Nick Spencer) as well as exploring this crazy science behind it.”
    C Ward